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Why One Sangha?

Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple was founded on the premise that to spread peace, compassion, and wisdom in the world, we must continually train ourselves to embody these qualities. The non-dual wisdom of Buddhism does not recognize a separation between "means" and "ends." Too often our actions in the world stem from certain beliefs or ideologies, but this necessarily means that we're then forced to fit the world into those beliefs and ideologies rather than seeing the world for what it is. Zen practice reverses this dynamic by asking us to participate in the world as it is, to directly experience it, and out of the clarity and understanding that arise, to then act.

Through practice – through an ever-increasing willingness to open up to what is – we uncover the wisdom, compassion, and peace that have always been our true dwelling place. As we train in accessing these qualities, faith grows: faith in ourselves and in the capacity for all beings to awaken. This faith, which is not fear or anger or greed, is the authentic gate through which our efforts begin to pass. In this way, true social transformation becomes possible.

What is One Sangha?

Grounded in daily, traditional Zen practices and compassionate activity as form and function of our everyday lives, Still Point's One Sangha Training Program is a three-, six-, or nine-month intensive practice program for anyone wishing to deepen her or his spiritual practice right inside the ten thousand joys and sorrows of our often wonderfully chaotic lives.

For more information please call Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple at 313-831-1005 or contact the Guiding Teacher.

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