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The Still Point Interfaith Council of Engagement (SPICE) was formed to share our Dharma and presence with the Southeast Michigan neighborhood. For several years, our Dharma Teachers have been making presentations and participating in the burgeoning Detroit Metro Interfaith movement. SPICE grew out of this effort. All who are interested in taking our Dharma to the street are invited to sign on.

We aim to:
–Share our practice at events, conferences, schools, and religious institutions.
–Join in community-wide interfaith service projects
–Offer field trips and seminars to Still Pointers who wish to learn more about the spiritualities of our neighbors
–Open-mindedly bear witness and heal.

The Still Point Interfaith Council of Engagement meets the third Wednesday of each from from 6-7PM. Please contact us for more information.


Healing Racism Community Discussion

A monthly discussion hosted by Still Point's Interfaith Council of Engagement (SPICE).

Inspired by essays in "Making the Invisible Visible --- Healing Racism in our Buddhist Communities" and a challenge from the Interfaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit to do something push back against the spike in hate crimes and overt racist behaviour present in society, this event is facilitated by Dr. Jim Perkinson, an internationally recognized leader in the struggle to eliminate racism globally. Dr. Perkinson is currently teaching at The Detroit Ecumenical Theological Seminary and Oakland Univesity.

Please join us for these sessions and community discussions surrounding these issues. This event is open to anyone regardless of religious, spiritual, political or other affiliation.

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